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Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

DAFNE meets the business of foundations
What's October 16th? Easy: World Food Day, which FAO will mark on the 14th. But what about October 1st? That's the European Day of Foundations & Donors. Over 7500 belong to DAFNE; many follow the Swiss Foundation Code. A special group are the corporate foundations. DAFNE will soon be co-hosting the European Corporate Foundations Knowledge Exchange. Emphasizing that "non-profit" and "business-like" can be highly congruent, the event is at INSEAD. Tell us your views on corporate foundations.
SFSA matchmaking offers hope in MLN battle
Maize Lethal Necrosis is destroying harvests across East Africa. However, help is now at hand. In Kenya, a new test provides fast, reliable diagnosis. Our Foundation linked up an innovative small Swiss firm with suitable partners in Nairobi. Together, they're making the test available to CIMMYT and local authorities who check maize health. Here's what a Swiss newspaper wrote in German, and some background in English.
Foundation addresses conferences and TV
SFSA employees will be speaking at the African Potato Association's conference and the Borlaug Dialogue ("our" event is here). A third staff member will be at the EVPA conference discussing venture philanthropy and social investment in Africa. Our Country Director Bangladesh was recently on local TV. His subject: farm mechanization and value chain integration for agricultural development. If you're planning a talk yourself, here are our Top Ten Tips.
Creating new waves of farm info
"Vernacular" radio broadcasts in local languages, rather than major national ones. In Kenya, we're helping vernacular stations establish programs for farmers. Our partners describe progress in Samburu and West Pokot. And we explain why radio and language choice are so important for agricultural extension.